Bind generic keyboard function keys to Mac media keys.

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Key Bound

Key Bound is a keybinding application designed for users of vintage and generic keyboards to use their function keys to perform the same actions as on Apple’s Magic Keyboard. This app is tested on an Apple Extended Keyboard 2 and should also work on other makes and models. This application is very basic and limited to F1-F12 function key mapping only. It only reproduces functionality provided by the Magic Keyboard, but it does allow you to map any of those functions to any of the 12 function keys.

Window Image


It is recommended that you lower or disable your Alert Volume in the sound system preferences. You’ll be prompted to do this the first time the app launches. This is because some applications including the Finder treat raw function key events as erroneous input and produce an NSBeep sound. You will also want to make sure Key Bound has accessibility permissions to ensure that you can use the mapped functionality when Key Bound is not the active application. This can also be set up in system preferences in the security and privacy settings.

Download here